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Faerie Quests

There are 6 different basic faeries, as well as 3 special  ones.  They may suddenly appear on your screen and demand that you go on a Quest to retrieve a particular item. The basic 6 are: Fire Faerie, Light Faerie, Earth Faerie, Air Faerie, Dark Faerie, and Water Faerie. The 3 special faeries are: The Faerie Queen, The Space Faerie, and The Fountain Faerie. There are also 3 faeries in Neopia that you can CHOOSE to do quests for, Taelia, Illusen, and Jhudora, but they won't stop you from using the Shop Wizard.

If you can't remember what item the faerie asked you for, head on over to the Quest Hut and she'll remind you what you were supposed to get her. The Quest Hut can also be found by clicking on Pet Central on the left side of the screen, and then click on the small picture of Fyora that says Quests.

The 6 Basic Faeries

The Water Faerie


The Water Faerie will ask for a book.  In return, she will grant your pet 2 defence points.

The Light Faerie


The Light Faerie will ask you to bring her a trading card.  The trading cards are usually red, blue, pink, or green.  In return she will grant your pet 1 level.

The Fire Faerie


The Fire Faerie will ask you to bring her an item of clothing such as a collar, bow tie, a shirt, overalls, boots, etc.  In return she will grant your pet 2 Strenght Attack points.

The Earth Faerie


The Earth Faerie will ask you to bring her a magic item such as a healing potion, battledome potion (Fire Jug, Steam Jug, Stream of Light, etc), a Mote, or even a Nova.  In return she will feed your pet.  This will not only restore all lost hit points, But your pet will also gain a pound. 

The Dark Faerie


The Dark Faerie will ask for a toy such as a plushie or one of many other toys.  In return, she will grant your pet 2 Hit Points.

The Air Faerie


The Air Faerie will ask you to bring her a beauty product (grooming) such as eyeshadow, blush, soap, conditioner, perfume, hair brush, mirror, etc.  In exchange, she will grant your pet 2 Movement points.

The 3 Special Faeries

The Faerie Queen, Fyora


The Faerie Queen will ask you for any item.  In return, she will grant your pet 1 Level, 3 Strength, and 3 Hit points.  That's 7 stat points!

The Space Faerie


The Space Faerie will ask for any item.  In return, she will grant your pet 4 Levels.  You also might get her as a battledome challenger.  If you are strong enough to beat her in the battledome, you will unlock her avvie.

The Fountain Faerie


The fountain fairie will ask you for any item with a rarity of 90 to 99.  In return, you will be granted access to the Rainbow Fouintain in Faerieland, where you can paint your pet any color you want.  You can only paint one pet, one time, so choose wisely.  If you want to paint another pet here, you need to do another quest.