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Cocoa Puffs Guide

Here are all the answers for the Cocoa Puffs Crossword puzzle game.

  • Color of the Cocoa Puffs box BROWN
  • Right AS rain
  • COCOA puffs
  • Pour this on your cocoa puffs MILK
  • Four-legged winged neopet EYRIE
  • COOL negg wears glasses
  • not wet, DRY
  • Basketball HOOP
  • This neopet is a mystic one KYRII
  • Not quiet LOUD
  • How Sonny feels when he eats cocoa puffs SATISFIED
  • Opposite of up DOWN
  • The most important meal of the day BREAKFAST
  • Didn't lose WON
  • Cocoa puffs is usually eaten in a BOWL
  • CALCIUM helps your bones grow
  • General MILLS
  • FROSTED corn puffs
  • Cocoa puffs is a DREAM come true
  • Sonny is always up to something FUN
  • Hooved neopet species UNI
  • I'm CUCKOO for Cocoa Puffs!
  • The shape of Cocoa Puffs ROUND
  • Fuel for a car GAS
  • Cocoa Puffs taste DELICIOUS
  • Poogle RACERS
  • Colour of Sonny's feathers ORANGE
  • Not on OFF
  • Fathers DADS
  • Eureka! AH ha!
  • How old you are AGE
  • Codestone type LU
  • SHOP wizard
  • Codestone type EO
  • Neo FLU cured with jelly pills
  • SO far, SO good
  • Cocoa puffs stay CRUNCHY in milk
  • Codestone type ORN
  • Nutrients that help you stay healthy VITAMINS
  • NEO points
  • A club for friends on neopets GUILD
  • An emotion Sonny fells for cocoa puffs LOVE
  • Species of Edna the Witch ZAFARA
  • To clean WASH
  • The most popular neopet SHOYRUS
  • The VOID berry is black with white specks
  • Wand of dark NOVA
  • A russian ruler CZAR
  • Uses oars ROWS
  • Fluffy petpet with a long mane NOIL
  • You CAN go cuckoo, too!
  • A type of gem RUBY
  • What you breathe AIR
  • Neopets DOT com
  • Cereal ADVENTURE in Neopia central
  • Cocoa Puffs has great CHOCOLATE taste
  • To float HOVER
  • Sonny is a cuckoo BIRD
  • Nimmo YOGA excersise book
  • Compact DISC
  • Pleistoncene: The Ice AGE
  • A wing to a fish FIN
  • Not bright but DIM
  • Seasonal Attack PEA
  • Not off ON
  • They love to bounce on their tails BLUMAROOS
  • Uncles spouse AUNT
  • Scarlet RED
  • Oppisite of down UP
  • Spiked NEGG
  • To mix together BLEND
  • Danger PERIL
  • Not out IN
  • Applaud CLAP
  • Pyramid shaped petpet GEBS
  • A difficult experience ORDEAL
  • Deep unconsciousness COMA
  • CUP o slime
  • The best utensils for Cocoa Puffs SPOONS
  • Type of mote ASH
  • LORETTA Fontaine's Famous Pizza
  • ROBOT snorkle a shiney petpet
  • Exclamation, Oops! DOH
  • AW shucks!
  • Visit the negg faerie NEGGERY
  • Two PLUS one equals three
  • Chokato CHIA pop
  • Shove PUSH
  • Small boat with pointy ends CANOE
  • Cocoa Puffs is part of a HEALTHY breakfast
  • Exchanged TRADED
  • Jerdana's ORB
  • Hurting SORE
  • Don't stop GO
  • Lyric poem ODE
  • WISH upon a star
  • 60 minutes HOUR
  • To BE or not to BE
  • Insect-like robot petpet POPPIT
  • Slimy trail leaving petpet SLORG
  • YE olde petpets
  • Candy floss CHIA pop
  • Grumpy old KING
  • Stinging insects WASPS
  • Not old NEW
  • Cocoa Puffs comes in this BOX
  • Jeran is one LUPE
  • Sonny's friend LUCKY the leprachaun
  • Conceited VAIN
  • Synchronize eg. SYNC
  • Symbol for gold AU
  • Not down ACROSS
  • Convertly, hidden from site SECRETLY
  • One piece of a book PAGE
  • Space neopet species GRUNDO
  • Bank VAULT like a very large safe
  • Breakfast CEREAL
  • Stack PILE
  • The joy of METAL work
  • Lenny Meringue PIE served by the slice
  • Neopet species, the island mystic is one KYRII
  • Egyptian Sun God, RA
  • Hip Hop RAP
  • Half of two ONE
  • A tangle KNOT
  • Faerie Cloud RACERS
  • Petpet that loves to fetch PUPPYBLEW
  • Cocoa Puffs has a great CHOCOLATEY taste
  • Very long periods of time EONS

It is best to play the Cocoa Puffs game on expert one time and beat it, do NOT submit the score.  Then play the bonus three times and submit the scores for a higher score and more neopoints.