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Neopets Hints, Tips, and Cheats

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Trix Guide

When you go to play the game, select the game mode Impossible.  Use the picture guide above to play the game.  You can get up to 1205 points per play (1000 NPx3 = 3000NP per day!!!)


Level 1;  Go
Level 2:  D5 Down
Level 3:  C3 Down
Level 4:  F3 Left, F5 Right
Level 5:  D7 Up, G1 Down
Level 6:  B9 Up, B6 Left, C1 Down
Level 7:  D9 Up, F4 Left
Level 8:  B9 Up
Level 9:  E9 Right, F9 Up, H1 Down
Level 10: G9 Up, G3 Left
Level 11: C5 Right, H5 Up H9 Uup
Level 12: F9 Right
Level 13: G4 Up, G5 Down
Level 14: D5 Up, D3 Right
Level 15: B5 Right
Level 16: A2 Right, G2 Up
Level 17: B7 Up
Level 18: I4 Left, E3 Down
Level 19: C9 Up, C3 Left
Level 20: A6 Right, E6 Up
Level 21: E1 Down 

If you make it to level 20 without losing any lives, you can skip the arrow two times to get a better score, then move on to level 21.