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Neopets Hints, Tips, and Cheats

Get over 70,000 NP in one day!!!
Brain Tree Answers
Questions and Answers
Survey Shack: Majority Rules Guide
Trix Guide
Cocoa Puffs Guide
King Altador Guide
Faerie Quests
Itchy Invasion Guide
Race Against Charlotte Guide
Secret Avvie's
Complete Neopian Booklist
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My site is still under construction... so BARE WITH ME!!!  Been having a few problems, but I"m back now!  I'll be working on the site again. Thanks to those that sent me comments.

Welcome to my site!  My name is Betsy, and I decided to make this site to help all of you fans out.  Here you will find hints, tips, and a few cheats for the site.  I'm just beginning this site out, so come back often to see the things that I have added!