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Neopets Hints, Tips, and Cheats

Get over 70,000 NP in one day!!!
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Survey Shack: Majority Rules Guide
Trix Guide
Cocoa Puffs Guide
King Altador Guide
Faerie Quests
Itchy Invasion Guide
Race Against Charlotte Guide
Secret Avvie's
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Need some help? You've come to the right place.  If you follow this guide, you can get up to 70,000NP per day!

Do this Daily to get NP.

  1. Neopian Bank: Make sure you deposit money in the Neopian bank, and collect your interest daily. 
  2. Jelly Go here to collect one free jelly daily to feed to your neopet or to sell
  3. Omelette Free Omelette you can feed to your neopet or sell: 
  4. King Altador: Free daily items -ONLY- for those who completed the Altador Plot (star mapping) Here is a guide: King Altador Guide
  5. Tombola 1 free play a day.  If he's asking for donations, leave and go back later.
  6. Fruit Machine: 1 free play a day.  You can win NP, BD, and PB's! 
  7. Lost Tomb  1 free play a day.  You can win NP, items, etc.
  8. Shop Of Offers: A rich slorg gives you NP.
  9. Pet Lab & PetPet Lab You must have maps assembled.  You must complete secret laboratory map before you can assemble the petpet lab map.


Games where you can win LOTS of NP:

  1. Lotte Koala Matching Madness:  NP Ratio: 1.0  A quick easy matching game.  450NP per game easily (3 games = 1350NP) and if you send a card, you also get 100NP
  2. Cocoa Puffs:  NP Ratio 0.40 Play expert to unlock bonus level.  Do not send the expert score.  Play the bonus 3 times for higher scores for around 1200NP per day. Cocoa Puffs Guide
  3. Nesquick, Up, Up, and Away:  NP Ratio 1.0 Pass the basketball up to the hoop, be careful with the timing.  600 points per play = 1800NP per day.
  4. Chef Boyardee Bon Appetit:  NP Ratio 1.0.  Feed hungry Skeith.  You can get easily 500 points per play... 1500NP per day.
  5. Chef Boyardee Product Palace: NP Ratio 1.0 Feed hungry customers.  Easily get 300 points per play.  900 NP per day.
  6. Fruit Flavoured Fallout:  NP Ratio 1.0  Catch falling snack boxes, avoid gross foods. 
  7. A Trix: Twisting Turn: NP ratio 1.0 It's a slow game but you can earn 3000NP per day.  There is no need to finish all levels.Trix Guide
  8. Monster House:  NP Ratio 1.0 (ignore boohoo message) Can earn up to 3000 NP per day (view video and visit site 1x each)
  9. Lucky Charms: Charmed Life: NP Ratio 1.0 Negotiate maze, Collect items, go to exit.  600 points per play = 1800 NP per day.  On the later levels, if you die after getting all the points, and replay it, using all your lives, you can get 1000 NP per play!
  10. Race Against Charlotte: NP Ratio 1.0 You can earn up to 2100 NP per day Race Against Charlotte Guide
  11. Adver-Video: Watch 5 videos, then spin the wheel for a prize.  NP varies, depending on spin.  You can win anywhere between 100 NP to 800 NP per spin... for example... if you spin all 100's that's 500NP total and if you manage to spin all 800 (which is pretty hard) you can get 4000NP! 
  12. Bruno's Backwoods Breakaway: NP Ratio 1.0 Collect the potions, then take them to the cave.  Avoid the villigers and the rocks they throw.  (take all potions to the cave at once for a better score).
  13. Hannah and the Ice Caves:  NP Ratio 0.02 50,000 points = 1000 NP Get up to 3000 NP per day.  You need to beat the "Snow Beast Level" to get enough points for 1000NP.  If you beat the entire game you can play the last level in under 2 minutes for 56,000 points for 1000NP per play. 
  14. Itchy Invasion: NP Ratio 1.0 This game is pretty easy.  It's a point and shoot game.  Itchy Invasion Guide
  15. Kiko Match II:  NP Ratio 2.0 Get 500 points for 1000NP You can get a total of up to 3000NP per day.  Type in ineedmoretime for a bit of added time if needed.  Turn animation off so cards flip faster.
  16. Sutek's Tomb:  NP Ratio 0.20 5000 points = 1000NP You can get up to 3000NP per day.  Type in pyramibread to show a match, type in plzsutekcanihavemoretime for more time (pause game, type in all but the last e, unpause the game, then type in the last e)
  17. The Castle of Eliv Thade:  NP Ratio 2.0 500 points = 1000NP You can get up to 3000 NP per day.  Type in rehaxtint for an extra hint.  Go through outer rooms, then to the middle room, then take the invisible path to the bottom path, go to crypt, you will earn 1000NP (minimum 150 game points + 200 points bonus to enter crypt + 150 send score bonus = 1000NP, for avvie play to 850 points, then enter crypt + send = 1200 points + avvie.  Open in a separate web browser one of these two pages for anagram solvers.  They don't always give you the word, so that's when you use the hints.Free Anagram Solver or Andy's Anagram Solver
  18. Turmac Roll:  NP Ratio 1.0 1000 points = 1000NP You can get up to 3000NP per day.  Time spent depends on how good of berries you get.  (It's claimed that if you get up to full speed, then slow to minimum for a few it increases chances of better berries OR try typing berries at the game mode select screen)  This is a rare game.  You can replay for a better score, then send once your satisfied with the score. 
  19. Zurroball:  NP Ratio 5.0 200 points = 1000NP  Bounce the ball with the mouse and keep it in the air.  It must go over the red line to score.  Grounders earn 10 points per click.
  20. Bouncy Supreme:  NP Ratio 0.70 700-900 points = 1900 points per day.  Type in bouncebouncebounce for an extra life. 
  21. Buzz's Honey O Throw: Ratio 1.0 Toss Cheerios to hit Honey and avoid Bear's reach. 
  22. Destruct-O-Match:  NP Ratio 0.30 At game select screen, type in boohooiwanttheoldgameback and you can play the old version, typ in destroyboulders to get rid of all boulders of a random color.  Extreme is faster to play but gives less points.
  23. Double Chocolate Cookie Crisp:  NP Ratio 1.0 Pretty easy game.  You should easily get 500+ NP per game for 1500 NP per day
  24. Dubloon Disaster II:  NP Ratio 1.0  Type in scallywags to create a whirlpool that drags in enemies; to save time you can type in scallywag before getting any coins, then when you need the whirlpool, type in the s.  It can drag you in too, so be careful!  Type in blackpawkeet to increase chance of high level dubloons. 
  25. Eye of the Storm:  NP Ratio 0.20 reveal tiles to find the Cyodrake's Gaze.
  26. Jolly Juglers:  NP Ratio 5.0 Try to score 200 points to get 1000NP per play (3000NP per day)
  27. Limited Too: Mix and Match: NP Ratio 1.0  This is a matching game like Kiko Match but quicker.    360 points per day = a little more then 1000NP per day
  28. Peanut Butter Cookie Crisp: Ski Jump:  NP Ratio 1.0  You can earn up to 2100NP per day.
  29. Snow Ball Fight:  NP Ratio 1.25  Watch out for the fairies!  This is a fast paced game.
  30. Scourge of the Lab Jellies:  NP Ratio 0.20
  31. Splat-A-Sloth:  NP Ratio 1.0  Try to hit the sock puppet sloth, pretty easy, 300 to 600NP per day.
  32. Survey Shack: Majority Rules:  There are many NP earning links here for taking surveys, etc.  Survey Shack: Majority Rules Guide
  33. Typing Terror:  NP Ratio 0.25  This is a typing game.  The yellow robots = 5pts, Red Robots = 20pts, Broken Red Robots = 100pts.  Get lots of broken red robots if you want a really good score. If you want the avvie or hi-score list you need at least 500pts per round.
  34. Ultimate Bullseye: NP Ratio 8.0  If you get 125 points, you get 1000 NP.  Type in catapult for an extra bonus shot. 
  35. Lunchables Marketplace:  NP Ratio 1.0


Spinning Wheels:

  1. Wheel Of Excitement:  Cost: 150 NP per spin.  You can spin every two hours
  2. Wheel of Knowledge:  Cost: 500 NP per spin.
  3. Wheel of Mediocrity:  Cost: 500 NP per spin.
  4. Wheel of Misfortune:  Cost: 100 NP per spin.  You can spin every two hours.
  5. Wheel of Monotony:  Cost: 100 NP per spin.  I suggest that you do this right when you first sign on for the day.  It takes very long, and in a separte window, you can do everything else that you plan to do on for the day.


Scratching Cards:

  1. Scratchcard Kiosk:  600 NP per scratchcard.  You can buy a scratchcard every 6 hours.
  2. Lost Desert Scratchcards:  500 NP per scratchcard.  You can buy a scratchcard every 4 hours.
  3. Deserted Fairgrounds Scratchcards:  1200 NP per scratchcard.  You can buy a scratchcard every 2 hours.

Hidden NP:Search around the Image for the hidden NP.  It will come up in red (just move your mouse pointer over the image till you find it).  You can only do this once per day.

  1. Survey for Riches:  250NP  per day
  2. Coming Soon:  200 NP per day
  3. Coming Soon 2:  200 NP per day
  4. Unmask:  250 NP per day

Don't waste time trying to get better scores.  Just play the games, cause the time you waste trying to get better scores, could be time you use to play more games.